Sea Glass Facts

Did you know?


One person’s tossed away bottle, becomes another person’s jewelry. 

sea glass creates jewelrySea glass are of pieces of glass that have been buffed and smoothed over time thanks to the constant tumbling action of ocean water and the sandy silt. Sea glass goes by many names, from mermaid’s tears to sea pearls to beach gems. Sea glass is coveted by both amateur and professional collectors. It can be turned into many different pieces of artwork, and some designers specialize in transforming the glass into intricate jewelry. Although dumping trash in the world’s oceans, bays and lakes is never a good idea, sea glass is one representation of how nature can turn something bad into a remarkable treasure. It’s possible to find sea glass in all different shades. However, some colors are harder to find than others. Odyssey Sea Glass ranks deep purple, pink, peach, black, red, orange, and deep yellow as the rarest colors. Brown, green and frosted white sea glass are the easiest colors to find.

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