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southern md watches for saleFeaturing Seiko, Pulsar and Bulova Time Pieces for both men and women.

 SEIKO combines classically refined inspiration with subtly modern expression.  Each dial has a breathtaking depth of sculpted detailing. The classical features are also expressed with a modern flair.
Seiko offers classical yet modern, reverential yet bold, restrained yet eye-catching.  Rick’s Jewelry brings you strong, solid build quality watches.


Premier:  Premier is Seiko’s leading dress water collection.  Inspired by neo-classical architecture.
Arctura:  Arctura is the signature design for SEIKO’s Inspired by the arc of nature. Arctura draws its strength from the eternal beauty of this shape.

Ananta:  Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means ‘the infinite’.  The Ananta is the collection that expresses SEIKO’s dedication to infinite perfection.



Velatura: Velatura is a collection of high performance marine watches for men and women, each of which combines innovation of function with refinement in design.
Sportura: Sportura is SEIKO’s leading sports watch collection. Inspired by high-performance motor sport.

Grand Seiko:  Grand Seiko is the best luxury watch in the world.  The Grand Seiko is as accurate, as reliable, as legible and as comfortable to wear as can be achieved.

seiko velatura watch
Seiko- sportura watch

seiko- grand_seiko_watch


BULOVA– You can be sure every diamond in Bulova watches are set by hand.  Every setting is designed to allow for maximum illumination.  “Bulova- THERE’S NO BETTER WAY TO LIGHT UP A ROOM.”

bulova men's watch
bulova watch for men


PULSAR– Where substance meets style!

Pulsar watch collection


WENGER Swiss Watches– Wenger gives equal attention to the manufacturing of its watches. They are considered essential tools and manufactured in the same spirit.


mens swiss watches