St. Marys Bracelet

st marys county bracelt

On the Southernmost peninsula of Maryland lays a county that has been welcoming travelers for over 350 years with virtually unrivaled hospitality and charm. The St. Mary’s County Hook Bracelet is a tribute in precious metals to a lifestyle that is rooted in tradition and echoes a heritage born of the tidewater and the sea. A classically stylized “St” is “Hooked” by a Blue Crab in the shape of an “M”, with the union of the two representing the “hook” that this alluring Destination area has on the hearts of many. Two 14kt. wraps signify the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay, which have both given their bounty for centuries and also grace the banks of this verdant peninsula with the pleasures of life on the water. Honor the history, heritage and magnificent natural beauty of St. Mary’s County with the St. Mary’s County Hook Bracelet…. a true symbolic treasure.

St. Mary’s Hook Bracelet

st marys bracelet ST_MARYS_6mm