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cultured pearls


We offer the largest selection of the finest quality pearls.  Pearls are a classically beautiful.  They are thought of as a symbol of purity and perfection.

Pearls occur naturally in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors.

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Types of Pearls:

  • South Sea
  • Tahitian
  • Fresh Water
  • Salt Water
  • Akoya

The pearl is a birthstone for the month of June.  It is the gemstone for the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary.

In the 13th century pearls were thought to cure mental illness and heartbreak.  Pearls are often associated with tears.  Indians once decorated swords with pearls to honor the tears of sorrow after a battle.  They were once thought to be the tears of God.

The pearl is thought to be the mark of purity and chastity.  It symbolizes love, success and happiness. 

Akoya saltwater cultured pearls are primarily produced in Japan.  They are more perfectly round and more lustrous than most other pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls are primarily grown in China.  Rice is the most common shape.  The luster high or low is dependent upon the quality of the pearls.  There are also round freshwater pearls available

Tahitian Cultured Pearls
Naturally “black” these pearls are the most sought after treasured gemstones.  They are strongly iridescent, with a lot of velvet luster.  They have a large range of color.

South Sea Cultured Pearls
The South Sea cultured pearls are known as the queen of cultured pearls.  These pearls are produced by a large saltwater oyster.  The coating on these pearls is thicker than other cultured pearls because they are cultivated for a longer period of time.  These pearls have the longest life expectancy of all pearls.