How to clean your jewelry

Manufacturers Trunk Show

Keep jewelry looking its best by prioritizing maintenance. Engagement rings are not only tangible investments in the future of a relationship, they’re also investments in a more traditional sense. Men and women save for months to purchase these special symbols … Continue reading

Transform trash into jewelry


Transform trash into jewelry According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate around 4.6 pounds of trash per person, per day. Sixty-five percent of that trash comes from personal residences, and more than half of that trash ends up … Continue reading

Shopping for wedding rings near me

wedding ring shopping near me

The basics of shopping for wedding rings near me in Southern Maryland Engagement ring purchases are usually a solo endeavor, with the groom having an idea of the ring style and color his bride-to-be prefers. But couples usually shop for … Continue reading

Choosing an Appraiser

jewelry appraisal

Anyone can hang out a sign as a jeweler or an appraiser. There are no federal or state regulatory agencies that attest to the qualifications of someone doing business as a jeweler or as an appraiser. We advocate getting an … Continue reading

Custom Made Jewelry

Rick Norris, Master Jeweler and owner at Rick’s Jewelers has a vision for the jewelry you own and want to rebuild. His creative eye, combined with your goals will bring a magnificent piece of jewelry to life for you. This … Continue reading

Holiday Hostess Gifts

Rick's Jewelers: Fine Jewelery, Custom Designs, Elegant Gifts. California, MD.

Gifts for your holiday host or hostess Southern Maryland Holiday Shopping Entertaining is part of the Southern Maryland holiday season when hosts and hostesses open their homes to many friends and family to celebrate a time of giving and togetherness. … Continue reading