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Uncompromising Quality: Rick’s offers distinctive Jewelry.

It is understood that the Quality of every product starts in its designing stage, then the materials and workmanship used in its production process, and lastly when it goes through its final and comprehensive inspection. This course of actions makes sure you will receive a quality product every time you make a purchase, regardless of its price.

Rick’s Jewelers newest line & manufacturers:

Jewelry Designers

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amore and baci jewelry Amore & Baci Collections : Fun and Fashion
Amore & baci bracelets and beads make the perfect gift.
anelique de paris Angelique de Paris:  GLAMOROUS,  & AESTHETE
As creative director and designer for her namesake collection, Angélique Knafo believes that “A woman who doesn’t wear jewelry misses an opportunity to express the many facets of herself.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.17.57 PM Angelica Collection
With over 500 bracelets from which to choose and made in the USA using recycled metals, Angelica offers easily adjustable bracelets with charms that let a woman show how she feels, what she believes in and who she is.
coast diamond collection Coast Diamonds:  A Contemporary Collection
Carla Nancy B Jewelry Carla B Jewelry
D, E, F
elle jewelry collection Elle Jewelry
G, H, I
galatea The Galatea Collection
“If you want to be a good jeweler, it takes skill and repetition. To be a ‘great jeweler’ also requires patience, dedication, courage, and a special love for your trade. Having these qualities makes you worthy to work in my shop.”Today at Galatea, we have an Olympic team of jewelers all of whom share our philosophy and love for the trade. We create each piece of our jewelry as if it is to be worn by our own beloved.
hot diamonds Hot Diamonds offer Elegant StyleHot Diamonds jewelry brand was launched in the UK almost 10 years ago.  It was a breakthrough in innovation and design.  They brought silver and diamonds together for the first time. It was an instant success.
J, K, L
john bagley jewelry John Bagley:  Jewelry with Passion“Each new collection is an adventure created with passion, intensity, and the desire to create a wow response to the consumer.” says John Bagley, the innovative designer of the dynamic jewelry line that bears his name.The dinosaur bone used in his men’s jewelry line is “real” fossilized bone petrified organic material from creatures that once walked on the face of the earth millions of years ago.
the lorenzo collection The Lorenzo Collection 






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P, Q, R
rego jewelry Designs by Rego:  Rego Bridal This is an exquisite collection.  Rego has supplied the finest independent jewelry stores in America with jewelry that stands the test of time.   Full line offering: Bridal Sets, Anniversary wraps & jackets,  Diamond Rings, Gent Rings, Pendants and Earrings, Bracelets.



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wenger Wenger Swiss Army Knives & Swiss Watches
swiss army knives Swiss Army KnivesThe Wenger knives: multi-functional tools for outdoor adventure and 116 years of continuous improvement.Swiss Watches
 swiss watches Wenger gives equal attention to the manufacturing of its watches. They are considered essential tools and manufactured in the same spirit.
 Y, Z
zancan Rick’s Jewelers now carries ZANCANFollowing a creative path where great attention has always been given to the evolution of taste and lifestyles, Zancan has succeeded in having his collections – ever-changing and very peculiar, indeed – gain more and more exposure through the years and since 2005 his company has achieved a leading position in the men’s jewellery marketCheck out the Zancan for Women collections: out the Zancan for Men Collections”