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Custom Jewelry Design in Southern MD

Southern MD Custom Jewelry Designs

The team of design consultants from Rick’s Jewelers will help you create the perfect piece of custom jewelry for you or someone you love.  Design a piece around an older piece that you love. Perhaps you have a piece of jewelry that is broke or set with a missing piece, or maybe you have a piece of jewelry that’s been past down that you’re not in love with, but you love those that have past it down. The designers at Rick’s Jewelers will help you to design a piece you’ll love forever.

In Southern MD, Custom jewelry design is an exciting way to get a one of a kind piece of jewelry.  No matter what your style you can get it when you create it yourself.

It’s so much more appreciated when you give a gift you’ve created.

Check out some of the pieces Rick has custom designed for his Southern MD Jewelry clients.

Custom Jewelry Design in Southern MD    Jewelry custom designed by Rick’s Jewelers in Southern MD

The Story:  A customer had lost a diamond stud and her husband wanted to create a freeform style ring for their anniversary using her stone and Rick supplying a smaller diamond to make a graduated look. The husband was very pleased with the outcome of the project.

The Story:  A customer wanted a mothers ring that was unique. Rick was able to come up with this two stone ring using our CAD program.

Stop by Rick’s Jewelers and create the piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming about.

Your Southern MD Custom Jewelers, Rick’s Jewelers.